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Rotarians Recognize Outstanding High School Students


March 2019 Students of the Month

Once again a person to-be-recognized could not be present.  FHS Principal Patrick Tray (right) is holding a Certificate of Recognition for sophomore Meghan Felten, who ia not present for the picture.  On April 10, 2019, four FHS students were recognized as the outstanding students for the month of March.  In the picture (left to right), Fayette Rotary President Gale Schafer, senior Emma Hoover, junior Jayden Wright, freshman Devan Elliott and Principal Tray.  (Picture courtesy of James H. Steele.)


February 2019 Students of the Month

Finally, a month with all honorees present  February Students of the Month were recognized on March 13, 2019.  Pictured from the left are Cameron McCallister, freshman, Gale Schafer, Fayette Rotary President; Kammy King, sophomore; Aimee Vogt, junior; Jace Udy, senior and Fayette High School Principal Patrick Tray.  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


January SOM

January Students of the Month were recognized on March 6, 2019 - yes, we are a month behind on our recognition.  Pictured above are (l to r) Sadie Hinkley, junior; Josh Henderson, sophomore; Ayden Richardson, freshman; Patrick Tray, FHS Principal and Rotary President Gale Schafer.  Senior Viola Wayland was unable to attend.  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


December SOM

Snow days, holidays, college visits complicate the honoring of students.  This month I even have the order of the students mixed up. Pictured above are (l to r) Kyle Schleeter, sophomore; Mckinna Skaggs, freshman; Josey Seaman, junior; Patrick Tray, FHS Principal and Rotary President Gale Schafer.  Senior Chris Roberts was unable to attend.  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


November Students of the MOnth

Weather, scheduling and timing all played a factor in Fayette Rotary's attempt to recognize the Fayette High School November Students of the Month.  Typically Rotary recognizes these students on the third Wednesday following the month for which they are chosen, but in this case, it was February 13 before the event occurred.  Pictured above are (l to r) FHS Principal Patrick Tray, Ava Valencia, senior; Cody Hill, junior; Aaron Barber, sophomore; Fayette Rotary President Gale Schafer and Laci Fuhlage, freshman.   (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


October Students of the Month

Fayette High School October Students of the Month joined Rotary Club members for the annual Christmas meal and to be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Pictured above are (l to r) Rotary Vice-President Chris Ocker; Gracie Doolin, freshman; Dillan Lembke, sophomore; Emma Miner, junior; Madison Reed, senior and FHS Principal Patrick Tray.   (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


September 2018 Students of the Month

Each month members of the Fayette High School faculty and students select a person from each class for outstanding achievement during the past month.  Those selected for the month of September are (l to r) Cameron Stornello, senior; Kyle Durham, junior; Kaitlin Furneaux, sophomore and Brittany Mantle, freshman.  Also pictured are Patrick Tray, Principal and Chris Ocker, Rotary Vice-President.   (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


August 2018 Students of the Month

Pictured are Fayette Rotary High School students of the month for August: Left Superintendent Tamara Kimball, senior Annelise Miner, sophomore VC Alexander, Rotary President Gale Schafer and freshman Miles Himmelmann.  Junior Colton Bowers was away at College Day. (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)

Each month during the school year for over 30 years the Fayette Rotary Club has welcomed “Fayette High School Students of the Month” to one of its meetings.  The purpose of the Student of the Month program is to acknowledge students, who have made some type of positive accomplishment, received some type of award or who have distinguished themselves in some positive manner.

Students attend the meeting with a member of the high school faculty.  Each student is introduced by the faculty member, who tells something about the reason the student has received the honor.  The students are then asked to tell the Rotary Club a little about themselves.  

The students are chosen by the Student of the Month committee, which consists of both high school students and high school faculty.

Fayette High School Students of the Month 2018-19

August 2018 -

Senior - Annelise Miner
Junior - Colton Bowers
Sophomore - VC Alexander
Freshman - Miles Himmelmann

September 2018 -

Senior - Cameron Stornello
Junior - Kyle Durham
Sophomore - Kaitlin Furneaux
Freshman - Brittany Mantle

October 2018

Senior - Madison Reed
Junior - Emma Miner
Sophomore - Dillan Lembke
Freshman - Gracie Doolin

November 2018  -

Senior - Ava Valencia
Junior - Cody Hill
Sophomore - Aaron Barber
Freshman - Laci Fuhlage

December 2018 -

Senior - Chris Roberts
Junior - Josey Seaman
Sophomore - Kyle Schleeter
Freshman - Makinna Skaggs

January 2019 -

Senior - Viola Wayland
Junior - Sadie Hinkley
Sophomore - Josh Henderson
Freshman - Ayden Richardson

February 2019 -

Senior - Jace Udy
Junior - Aimee Vogt
Sophomore - Kammy King
Freshman - Cameron McCallister

March 2019 -

Senior - Emma Hoover
Junior - Jayden Wright
Sophomore - Meghan Felten
Freshman - Devan Elliott

FHS Students of the Month Selection Committee

Staff members:

Mr. Alex Kirby, Chair
Mrs. Tiffany Swanson
Mrs. Amy Uthlaut

Student members (all members of the Student Council):

, Student Council Vice-President
, Senior rep.
, Junior rep.
, Sophomore rep.
, Freshman rep.

Rotary liaison - Julee Sherman

Fayette High School Students of the Month 2017-18