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Rotarians Recognize Outstanding High School Students


March Students of the Month

Also honored on April 18, were the March Students of the Month.  Second from the left in the picture are senior Tate Beeler, junior Isaiah Estes, sophomore Marlena Heath and freshman Molly Thies.  Principal Patrick Tray is on the right edge of the picture and Rotary President Kurt Rohr is on the left edge. (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


February Students of the Month

February Students of the Month had to wait until April to be honored.  Because Rotary did not meet on Wednesday the last two Wednesdays in March and because of a boil order the first Wednesday in April, senior, Callie Kaser (second from the left;) junior Emily Mittenburg; sophomore Logan Thies and freshman Avery Whitley, had to wait until April 18 to receive their honors.  To Callie's right (left side of picture) is Fayette Rotary President Kurt Rohr and to Avery's left is FHS Principal Patrick Tray.  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


January Students of the Month

Students of the Month received certificates recognizing them for the impressions they made on fellow students in the month of January.  From the left we have Terry Taylor, recognized for his good work at the Moberly Technical school; Quinn Frerking, senior: Jack Kindle, sophomore; D'Juan Jackman, junior; Olivia Gebhardt, freshman; Principal Patrick Tray and Rotary President Kurt Rohr. (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


December Students of the Month

The December Students of the Month selected by FHS Faculty and Students pictured above are (from the left) freshman Cody Hilgedick, sophomore Murphy Quint, junior Vince Roberts and senior Kelly Hilgedick.  Murphy is the daughter of Rotarian Jessica Quint and Vince is the son of Rotarian Cindy Roberts.  To Kelly's left are FHS Principal Patrick Tray and Fayette Rotary President Kurt Rohr.  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


November Students of the Month

Joining us for a very festive December Rotary meeting were the November Students of the Month.  Left to right and senior to freshman are Mikela Howell, Ava Valencia, Ethan McBain and Breanna Estes.   FHS Principal Patrick Tray (far right) completes the picture.  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


October Students of the Month

Rotary is proud to recognize students who are chosen by their peers for their exemplary contributions during the month of October.  Honored this month, starting second from the left, are freshman, Trenity Wells; sophomore, McKenzie Mohr; junior, Chris Dunivent; and senior, Isaac Bartholomew.  Pictured with them are Superintendent Tamara Kimball (far left), Rotary President Kurt Rohr (second from the right),and FHS Principal Patrick Tray (far right.)  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


September Students of the Month

Honored in October are the FHS September Students of the Month along with one from the previous month.  Present for the picture are Superintendent Tamara Kimball (left), senior Blake Huster (August), senior Samantha Conrow, junior Viola Wayland, sophomore Josey Seaman, Rotary President Kurt Rohr, freshman Kylea Hoover and FHS Principal Patrick Tray.  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)


August Students of the Month with Sponsors

Pictured are Fayette Rotary High School students of the month: Left Superintendent Tamara Kimball, freshman Jonathan Ebbesmeyer, sophomore Abbey Conrow, junior Abby Geha, Principal Patrick Tray and Rotary Club President Kurt Rohr.  Senior Blake Huster was away at College Day.  He was able to come the following month and is pictured above.  (Picture courtesy of Roger Lembke.)

Each month during the school year for over 25 years the Fayette Rotary Club has welcomed “Fayette High School Students of the Month” to one of its meetings.  The purpose of the Student of the Month program is to acknowledge students, who have made some type of positive accomplishment, received some type of award or who have distinguished themselves in some positive manner.

Students attend the meeting with a member of the high school faculty.  Each student is introduced by the faculty member, who tells something about the reason the student has received the honor.  The students are then asked to tell the Rotary Club a little about themselves.  

The students are chosen by the Student of the Month committee, which consists of both high school students and high school faculty.

Fayette High School Students of the Month 2017-18

August 2017 -

Senior - Blake Huster
Junior - Abby Geha
Sophomore - Abbey Conrow
Freshman - Jonathan Ebbesmeyer

September 2017 -

Senior - Samantha Conrow
Junior - Viola Wayland
Sophomore - Josey Seaman
Freshman - Kylea Hoover

October 2017 -

Senior - Isaac Bartholomew
Junior - Chris Dunivent
Sophomore - McKenzie Mohr
Freshman - Trenity Wells

November 2017  -

Senior - Mikela Howell
Junior - Ava Valencia
Sophomore - Ethan McBain
Freshman - Breanna Estes

December 2017 -

Senior - Kelly Hilgedick
Junior - Vince Roberts
Sophomore - Murphy Quint
Freshman - Cody Hilgedick

January 2018 -

Senior - Quinn Frerking
Junior - D'Juan Jackman
Sophomore - Jack Kindle
Freshman - Olivia Gebhardt
Moberly Technical School Student of the Month - Terry Taylor

February 2018 -

Senior - Callie Kaser
Junior - Emily Mittenburg
Sophomore - Logan Thies
Freshman - Avery Whitley

March 2018 -

Senior - Tate Beeler
Junior - Isaiah Estes
Sophomore - Marlena Heath
Freshman - Molly Thies

FHS Students of the Month Selection Committee

Staff members:

Mrs. Jean Monnig, Chair
Mrs. Tiffany Swanson
Mrs. Amy Uthlaut

Student members (all members of the Student Council):

, Student Council Vice-President
, Senior rep.
, Junior rep.
, Sophomore rep.
, Freshman rep.

Rotary liaison - Julee Sherman

Fayette High School Students of the Month 2016-17