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Rotarians Recognize Outstanding High School Students



FAYETTE ROTARIANS on May 18 honored the club’s April Students of the Month from Fayette High School. From left: faculty member Holly Cooper; Lacee Adams, freshman; Susan Bishop, sophomore; and club president Jessica Quint. Not present for photo: Krissy Smith, junior. (Photo by James Steele)


On April 20, 2011,   Fayette Rotary recognized four students for their achievements during the month of March.  From the left, they are Sam Strodtman, junior; Tessa Chambers, sophomore; Kaylynn Sims, freshman; and Ashley Hammel, senior. Melinda Bloom, Fayette High School teacher and Rotary President, Jessica Quint were also present for the picture. (Photo by Don Cullimore)


On March 23, 2011, Fayette Rotary honored four high school persons as Student's of the Month.  Shown in the picture from the left are Darren Rapert, High School Principal; Christin Stacy, senior; Caitlin Wells, sophomore; and club president Jessica Quint.  Unable to be present for the photo were Tiffany Smith, junior and Tayler Head, freshman.  (Photo by James Steele)


Present for the January Student of the Month presentation on February 16, 2011 are (l to r): FHS science instructor Tiffany Swanson, Feyd Carr (freshman), Ashley Lutz (sophomore), Taylor Seaman (junior), Spencer Gerald (senior), and club president Jessica Quint.  (Photo by Roger Lembke)


The Fayette Rotary club recognized Fayette High School December students of the month during the club's weekly luncheon January 26, 2011.  From the left: FHS science instructor Chris Bryan, Leila Jebri (senior), Nickie Foland (sophomore), Amelia Ebbesmeyer (freshman), and club president Jessica Quint.  Unavailable for the photo was junior Taylor Clayton. (Photo by James Steele)


Fayette Rotarians on Wednesday, December 8, 2010, recognized the club's November students of the month from Fayette High School.  Second from the left is sophomore DeShawn Cowans  and on his left is senior Jason Acton.  They are flanked by FHS girls basketball coach Mike James and club president Jessica Quint.  Unable to be present for the photo were freshman Keanna Allen and junior Alli White.


Fayette Rotarians on Wednesday recognized these Fayette High School students as October's Students of the Month.  The group is flanked by FHS coach Chris Kendrick and club president Jessica Quint.  From the left: Senior -Trae' Allen; Junior - Mackenzie Stitzell; Sophomore - Thomas Waggoner; and Freshman - Faith Robinson.  (Photo by Roger Lembke)


Fayette HS Rotary Students of the Month

These Fayette High School students were recognized October 20, 2010, as the Fayette Rotary Club's Students of the Month.  Here, the honorees pose with club president Jessica Quint, right. From the left: Tanner, Thiessen, senior; Rodneisha Estes, junior; Samantha Williams, sophomore; and Jason Esau, freshman.  (Photo by James Steele)

Mrs. Deb Straatmann (left) and Shelby BeelerEach month during the school year for over 20 years the Fayette Rotary Club has welcomed “Fayette High School Students of the Month” to one of its meetings.  The purpose of the Student of the Month program according to faculty chair, Mrs. Deb Straatmann, is to acknowledge students, who have made some type of positive accomplishment, received some type of award or who have distinguished themselves in some positive manner.

Students attend the meeting with a member of the high school faculty.  Each student is introduced by the faculty member, who tells something about the reason the student has received the honor.  The students are then asked to tell the Rotary Club a little about themselves.  

The students are chosen by the Student of the Month committee, which consists of both high school students and high school faculty.  “Obviously in a small school like Fayette, there are some students who could qualify for the reward each month.  To be fair and more diverse, we try not to recognize the same students,” Mrs. Straatmann explained.  By the end of a class’s senior year approximately 32 of its members will have been honored as “Student of the Month.”

Fayette High School Students of the Month 2010-11

September 2010 -

Senior - Tanner Thiessen
Junior - Rodneisha Estes
Sophomore - Samantha Williams
Freshman - Jason Esau

October 2010 -

Senior - Trae' Allen
Junior - Mackenzie Stitzell
Sophomore - Thomas Waggoner
Freshman - Faith Robinson

November 2010 -

Senior - Jason Acton
Junior - Alli White
Sophomore - DeShawn Cowans
Freshman - Keanna Allen

December 2010 -

Senior - Leila Jebri
Junior -  Taylor Clayton
Sophomore - Nickie Foland
Freshman - Amelia Ebbesmeyer

January 2011 -

Senior - Spencer Gerald
Junior - Taylor Seaman
Sophomore - Ashley Lutz 
Freshman - Feyd Carr

February 2011 -

Senior - Christin Stacy
Junior - Tiffany Smith
Sophomore - Caitlin Wells
Freshman - Tayler Head

March 2011 -

Senior - Ashley Hammel
Junior - Sam Strodtman
Sophomore - Tessa Chambers
Freshman - Kaylynn Sims

April 2011 -

Senior - seniors have graduated
Junior - Krissy Smith
Sophomore - Susan Bishop
Freshman - Lacee Adams

Students of the Month Selection Committee

Staff members:

Mrs. Deb Straatmann, Chair
Mrs. Melinda Bloom
Mrs. Holly Cooper
Mr. Randy Hutchinson

Student members (all members of the Student Council):

Victoria Warren, Student Council V. P.
Tanner Thiessen, Senior rep.
Nazow Tarakai, Junior rep.
Thomas Waggoner, Sophomore rep.
Faith Robinson, Freshman rep.

Rotary liaison - Julee Sherman

Fayette High School Students of the Month 2009-10