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Fayette Rotary Youth Exchange Program

2015 - 2016

Local Coordinator is Judy Drake.


Cynthia Su

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2013 - 2014

Local Coordinator is Gwen Pope.

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Faith Robinson

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Basel, Switzerland

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Faith Robinson

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Daniela Montes Figueroa

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Daniela Montes Figueroa

2010 - 2011

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Leila Jebri

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Leila Jebri

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Mati Ordonez

A letter, received March 18, 2015 from a former Rotary Exchange Student, addressed to Pres. James Steele.  Mr. Soest, as explained in his letter, was an exchange student to Fayette in the early 70's:

Dear Mr Steele,

 The Rotary district webmaster , Michael Wehrenberg, sent me the e-mail address where you can be reached. I looked for contact information on the Fayette Rotary website, but couldn’t find any.

 From January 1972 through May, 1974, when I graduated, I was a student (from the Netherlands) at (then) CMC, now CMU. CMC extended me a (partial) basketball scholarship, which helped me attend the college. However, the FAYETTE ROTARY CLUB also gave me a student scholarship, thereby enabling me to finance my CMC education. My years at CMC were some of the best, ever. I really enjoyed living in the town of Fayette and studying there. I’m still in touch with several of my CMC student friends and some have even visited us here.

 I also worked (part-time) at (Tom’s) The Gaslight Inn, with much pleasure. It really gave me an opportunity to get to know and appreciate the “real “Fayette people. I do remember the Rotary Club’s meetings in the meeting room of the Gaslight Inn, I believe on Wednesdays. When receiving your Rotary scholarship, I’m sure I did thank your board. But the other day I remembered this particular scholarship and though you might want to know that I, after all these years, am still most grateful for your involvement.

 After graduating from CMC, I moved to New Orleans, LA to study for an MBA, got the “Green Card”, worked for the NASA Spaceshuttle program, got married (to my present wife Johanna), we had our first son Niels, moved to Houston to work for an oil company, received my second Master’s, we had our second son Frank and eventually returned to the Netherlands after almost 20 years in the great USA. I just retired (at 65) from teaching at a nearby university with 35.000 students for the last 20 years.

 We often visit the US, since our oldest son returned to the US (FL) and we travel the country extensively. We just love the USA and “defend” the US in any conversation. The Fayette Rotary Club contributed to our most positive feelings.

Thank you again.

Kees Renzenbrink
Soest, the Netherlands