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Moments in the History of Rotary

“1905 – Chicago attorney Paul Harris organized the first Rotary meeting on 23 February, leading to formation of the Rotary Club of Chicago.

1906 – Rotary Club of Chicago provides a public toilet outside City Hall, Rotary’s first community service project.

1910/11 – Paul Harris elected first president of National Association of Rotary Clubs at the first Rotary Convention.

1911/13 – Clubs formed in Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland; organization changes to International Association of Rotary Clubs.

1915/16 – Club chartered in Cuba, the first non-English-speaking Rotary country.

1916/17 - President Arch Klumph proposes establishing an endowment fund, precursor to the Rotary Foundation.

1937- Fayette Rotary Club Chartered on February 18.

1942/43 – Rotary conference in London on education and cultural exchange sets stage for UNESCO.

1945/46 – Forty-nine Rotarians help draft the UN charger.

1946/47 – Founder Paul Harris dies in Chicago: outpouring of funds from Rotarians used to establish fellowship program.

1948/49 – First 18 Rotary Fellows study abroad, a precursor of Ambassadorial Scholars.

1962/63 – First Interact Club formed in Melbourne, Florida, USA.  World Community Service program Launched.

1965/66 – Special Grants (now Matching Grants) and Group Study Exchange program begin.

1968/69 – Rotaract program launched.

1979/80 – Foundation grant to immunized six million Philippine children against polio sets stage for PolioPlus.

1984/85 – Rotary launches PolioPlus program and campaign to raise US$120,000,000. to immunize all the children of the world. 

1986/87 – Rotary Village Corps program (now Rotary Community Corps) established.

1987/88 – Through the PolioPlus campaign, Rotarians raise US$247,000,000.

1988/89 – First women join Rotary.  Rotary  returns  to Hungary and Poland. 

1994/95 – Western Hemisphere declared polio-free.

1998/99 – Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution established.

2000/01 – Western Pacific region declared Polio-free.

2002/03 – Rotary launches a second polio eradication fundraising campaign to help fill a critical funding need.  Rotarians raise over US$129,000,000. *

2004/05 – Clubs celebrate Rotary’s centennial by launching hundreds of Centennial Community Projects and contributing thousands of volunteer hours.

*By the time the world is certified polio-free, Rotary’s contributions to the global polio eradication effort will exceed US$600,000,000."