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President Gale Schafer

Message from the President

September 15, 2018


Dear Fellow Rotarians:

Itís an honor to be re-elected for another term as Fayette Rotary President or maybe itís a just a chance to do better than I did the first go a round 10 years ago.  Iím proud to be a member of Fayette Rotary a Club that has completed many projects to help our local community and yes in a small way other communities in the world.  I must confess that Iím far more inclined to help our local communities but at the same time realize the importance of assisting people around the world.

When I look around our meeting room itís clear to me that we have the movers and shakers in our club who all have their reasons for being Rotarians.  I for one did not join Rotary to flip hamburgers and pour concrete and sell brooms.  Been there done that and still appreciate those who continue to do so. Iím retired so I didnít join to make business connections but itís good to know people in other professions and network with them.  I, on the other hand, was looking for a club that could keep me abreast of what was going on in our community and beyond, which is accomplished through our meeting programs, give me the opportunity to associate with friends and the ďdoersĒ in our community and at the same time provide a helping hand in our community.  Whatever your reason for joining I think you should feel worthy of being asked to join and realize that by doing so there are certain expectations that we as members have.  I have watched people come and go in our club and unfortunately more have gone than come in lately.  Why is this we ask?  Iíve heard all the reasons and it would serve no purpose to recite them here.  I believe in the adage that people vote with their feet and their pocketbooks.  I believe for one that to get people here we must continue to have quality programs that are arranged by various individuals in the club and not get in a rut with the same chairs having the same types of programs. (Donít get me wrong I havenít been to any programs worse than what is on television).  And please donít tell me you donít know anyone to contact for a program or donít have any ideas. The second thing is we need more involvement.  I know, most of you are involved in many things not to mention family.  But the truth is, we usually do what we want to do.  I have set forth some expectations for us as Fayette Rotarians which Linda will put on our brochure.  There isnít a one on that list that canít be met.  I would like to see more functioning of our standing committees.   We need regular reports from our committees.  The reports given at our August 22nd and 29th meetings were excellent and I thank the chairs for the effort that they put in making them.

Iím pleased that our ďChicken BingoĒ for the foundation is going so well and am looking forward to spinning the wheel to pick our first winner of 250 Paul Harris points and a free space on October 3rd.

Congratulations to Virginia Clare Alexander and Murphy Quint, Fayette Interact Members, for winning 2nd place at the Corn Hole Tourney for Polio Plus on September 16th.  The event was well attended and a good time was had by all.  By my account there were 10 Fayette Rotarians and 20 Fayette supporters in attendance.

Please mark on your calendars October 14th as the date of ourĒ Fayette Rotary Golf TourneyĒ.  We will be calling on you to support this and will announce how you can do this in the near future.

Enough of my presidential ramblings. I look forward to serving as your 2018-2019 president and ďBe InspiredĒ which is this yearís Rotary International theme or better yetĒ Be the InspirationĒ.  The gavel has been passed and two months have gone since Kurt completed his term and Iím sure with everyoneís help we too will have another successful Rotary year.


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